Review: Renthal Intellilever Gen 2
13th January 2015

If you have ridden Enduro or MX bikes then the chances are you have snapped or bent at least one clutch or brake lever in your life time. If not, you either have a set of wrap around reinforced hand guards or you need to¬†go away and try harder! Even the smallest bend to a […]

We’ve all been there, loading a trailer trying to balance a bike, or searching in the back of a van for somewhere to hook a cam lock strap. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve battled alone or asked a friend to help with loading a dirt bike onto a trailer. If you’re like me […]

Sometimes I lose count of the times I’ve been told to get a grip, well I finally did, in fact I got two! First some history, for me changing grips has been one of the first jobs I have done to any bike, I’ve always been a Renthal guy, that soft diamond pattern has always […]

Pro Taper Contour Handlebars We’ve been working hard on prepping the new KTM EXC 300 Six Days ready for competition. First on the list was to sort the cockpit for Ross, at 6ft 2″ the standard KTM is a little on the small side so first up were a set of Pro Taper Contour handlebars […]