Review: Pro Works Quickload Transport System
9th December 2014

We’ve all been there, loading a trailer trying to balance a bike, or searching in the back of a van for somewhere to hook a cam lock strap. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve battled alone or asked a friend to help with loading a dirt bike onto a trailer.

If you’re like me and like to leave everything on the track the efforts of ratcheting a bike to a trailer can be all too much, OK I admit I’m a little lazy… But even without laziness ass a factor I will never forget the heart-wrenching moment I watched in the rear view mirror as my Husqvarna TE449 made a bid for freedom and fell off of my trailer. Luckily the damage was minimal as I was driving very slowly on the exit from the track, but still it trashed the plastics and damaged the wheel arch of my trailer. Of course it was my fault and the bike wasn’t properly secured but that knowledge simply added to my pain.

So enter the solution, The Pro Works Quickload Transport System available exclusively from . The device is essentially two jaws that secure the bike to a trailer, van, pickup or whatever you choose to mount it to. I’d like to say it is an original design but I feel it has more than a nod towards the Risk Racing Lock-N-Load system the Junior version (for smaller bikes)of which is also sold at 24mx but for double the £79.99 paid for the pro works unit. I’m hoping that 24mx are making this under license and not stealing ideas from the folks at Risk Racing, that said its a dog eat dog world and all is fair blah blah blah…

Pro Works seems to be a brand owned by 24mx that makes (or rebrands) reasonable MX target accessories. Think of it as Tesco’s no frills or Asda Smart Price range. As the Pro Works is only available from I will include a short note on my dealings with them so far. I have placed a couple of orders with them now and they seem to be a decent company, I like the site although it doesn’t have the best range out there and can be a little slow on page load etc. The goods are frequently delivered from Europe, this is not an issue for import duty but does add a few days to delivery so bear this in mind when ordering. I have only ever had the need to contact the company once for something that turned out to be DOA after I send an email with a photo of the item they arranged for a replacement without quibble. I must say, I have been happy with the service received.

Now onto the transport system, its not the best name out there, I prefer the Lock-N-Load, given the way it clamps down on the foot pegs perhaps bike-bite or trailer-jaws but I digress. The unit is made from sturdy mild steel and is around 10+Kgs in weight, the release and locking mechanism is made from aluminium and therefore will be rust-proof.

The unit mounts via two mounting plates which also include an eyelet for attaching ratchet straps (these are not required to secure the bike). The main unit attaches to the mounting plates using a quick release lever like on a bicycle wheel or seat. this allows the main unit to be removed from the trailer or van when not in use. Unfortunately the mounting plates are not available separately as I’d imagine this would be great for folks with Vans trailers or friends that share trailers on occasion.

Installing the device on my rusty cheap old trailer was not the easiest experience in the world and involved a trip to a local hardware store for some lengths of equal angle iron and a selection of bolts to mount the additional structure to my trailer. I’d imagine installation in a van or flat bed trailer to be far simpler. Basically a few hours of measuring, drilling and aligning things should have you up and running without too much fuss.

Using the system, once installed I pushed up my bike onto the trailer, rested against the open jaws, sat on the bike, and stood on the securing clamps until I heard the click from the locking mechanism, then repeated on the other side, finally I put through the transport pins to prevent against an “unplanned” opening. I must admit I was amazed at how secure and stable the bike was. I bought the system as a bit of a gamble as there was very little info on the 24mx site and I couldn’t find any reviews. But, WOW this thing actually works, I loaded my bike in under two minutes, and there is no way it is falling off! The front wheel can move a little from side to side but the steering rake seems to hold it pretty steady, I throw a cam strap around just to stop the wind from moving things around but its amazing. I no longer have to struggle loading the bike alone, or rest it on a piece of wood while I rig up some straps.

Another added benefit is that the pressure on the suspension is basically rider pre-load, meaning fork seals are taking less pressure than when ratcheted down to within an inch of their lives. If like me you’ve spend a few quid on straps over the years do yourself a favour and upgrade your trailer or van to be a quick loader!

My only niggles are the securing pin springs are a little fiddly and the base plates are not available separately, also the mounting bolts are pretty short. All in all for £79.99 it is worth every penny. 8.5/10

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  1. hey buddy, thanks for the review, just found this myself on 24MX and was wondering if its really that secure when on a trailer as like you i’m fed up with using blocks of wood and strapping down my bike to within an inch of the forks exploding!!

    1. Yes it is pretty solid, takes a while to fit to a trailer but works a treat. you can throw a hooked strap across the pegs either side to pull the bike up into the jaws to prevent wear on the clams from bumps.

  2. Hey buddy thanks for review. Do you think this could hold heavier bike —190kg KTM 950 SER?