Video: Enduro Epic Tree Crash! Keynesham Funduro – WATCH NOW!
15th December 2014

Great Enduro riding this weekend at Keynsham Funduro, Check out Lewis Crook’s tree crash and Ross Worth gettingĀ drenched in a mud bog. This video shows perfectly what can go wrong when an inexperienced rider whiskey throttles a KTM 300 EXC 2 stroke.. In all honesty we don’t know how more damage wasn’t done. The bike escaped with only a bent clutch lever and the rider no more than a scratch. As Enduro riders we all know the only appropriate action to take in a crash is to check they are OK and then mock/laugh heavily.


We would love to hear from readers who have had similar experiences… What was you worst crash? <ed… recently crashed in a petrol station at 1 MPH>

Crash Video Special:

Don’t worry folks no real harm came to Lewis although it would later turn out he has two broken vertebrae, perhaps why he is so flexible!

Of course if you need a spare lever or some crash protection head over to!

Kenesham Funduro can be found on facebook and is open every other Sunday although check in advance of travel.

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