Tech: WR450 Oil Change
13th October 2014

WR450 Oil Change.

After much “gentle” nudging from teammate Ross over the past few weeks it was time to do my first oil change on the WR. Since purchasing the bike we have come across many a rounded bolt or a bolt stuck firmly in the bike so I fully expected more of the same!¬†Thankfully however this was not the case!


The WR see’s many drain points throughout the bike both of the small sump but also on the frame itself, filter container and gearbox feed. The first to undo was the small sump which came rushing out and was no problem. When I tried to empty the frame however there seemed to be a fair amount still left within the bike and was not expecting the force in which it came out which ended up in a small pool. Sigh.

For next time I would drain all other areas before the frame to ensure that I don’t get quite the same explosion again. After draining all the oil I found quite a lot of silver in the filter (which is never good), too long on the kickstart I think. Must add fix the e-start to the to do list.


Once this was done and 1.1litres of oil was put back in the bike I ran it up to temperature and checked the oil drain bolt to ensure oil was pumping throughout the system. I then took it for a good spin on the road to make sure all felt right and no leaks after a ride and the difference was great, gear changes were smoother and even the sound of the engine was much improved!

Well worth the time taken and look forward to trying it out on the next trail.

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